b.1994 Singapore 

Lives and works in the UK



2014 - 2018      Slade School of Art, Ba Fine Art Sculpture

2013 - 2014      City and Guilds School of Art Foundation



Exhibitions and Residencies

2019          Newbridge Collective Studio Open Studio, The Newbridge Project, Gateshead 

2019          Online Presents curated by Jessy Jepacks, Skelf [www.skelf.org.uk]

2019          Five Pound Poster Party, CBS Gallery, Liverpool.

2019          Sentient Home Devices Woon Fellowship solo Show, Gallery North, Newcastle

2019          Up is a Relative Concept: Launch of Fold(Lab), Fold, London

2019          London Art Fair with IMT Gallery, Business Design Centre, London

2019          Bloomberg New Contemporaries, South London Gallery, London 


2018/19     The Woon Prize Residency, Northumbria University, Newcastle

2018          Manchester Contemporary Art Fair, Manchester Central, Manchester

2018          Chop Leisure, IMT Gallery, London

2018          Opolis, 93 Baker Street, London

2018          The Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Prize, Gallery North, Newcastle 

2018          Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Liverpool Biennial 2018, Liverpool 

2017          Carnival of the Animals and Danse Macabre, San Mei Gallery, London 

2017          Chain by 15, Papa Bear, London 

2017          Slade Print Fair, UCL, London 


2016          Vault, UCL Art Museum, London 

2016          Long Distant Song Effects, The Milton Gallery, London 


2015          Les Etudiants, Salon, London 

2015          Rose, Lemons, Okra or Goutweed, The Embassy Tea Gallery, London 


2013          Works on Paper Fair, Science Museum, London 

2013          National Open Art Competition, The Pallent House Gallery, London 

2013          National Open Art Competition, The Royal College of Art Galleries, London 




2018         The Duveen Travel Scholarship | UCL 

2018         The Woon Prize | The Woon Foundation 
2017         The Alfred W Rich Prize |  Slade  

2015         Max Werner Drawing Prize |  Slade 

2013         The Piron Strange Award | National Open Art Competition 


2019        Sunday Spot Sessions, South London Gallery, London

2019        Dialogues: characters in Clay ceramic workshop, Northumbria University, Newcastle

Kara builds sculptures encompassing many different materials and mediums, creating installations that have including kinetic and robotic pieces, animations, sound, water features and horticultural elements. Her work focuses on the implications fast evolving technologies; ethical conundrums and potential consequences of developing robotics and artificial intelligence, transhumanist ideologies, and evolving theories of reality and simulation.


Her installations often present a jumble of juxtapositions; handcrafted and readymade objects, organic and synthetic materials, and temporal limbos of ancient folktales translated into contemporary settings. Installations are constructed as cross sections of fictional narratives that weave throughout her work, a device to intersect fragmented concepts and lay them out as something tangible. Anthropomorphic features, intimated limbs and moving elements are used to transform sculptures in to animate creatures; characters through whom we can empathise and examine individual experiences within these imagined future scenarios.