DSC_8293 2.jpg

Sentient-Mecha-Furniture 2020. 

Installation view BALTIC 39. 

Photo: Colin Davison © 2020 BALTIC 

Your Chairs Letting Off Steam 2020 .jpg

Subsequent Hotchpotch 2020. 

Installation view DKUK.

Kara Chin-21.jpg

Sentient Home Devices 2019. 

Installation view Gallery North.

Photo: Jason Revell © 2019 Northumbria University

Kara Fold film still 8.png

A Cutting and a Stolon 2019. 

2-channel video installation.

Objectophile Alien Tourists 2019. 



Glazed ceramics.


Opolis 2018. 

Collaborative Project with Ellie Wang, Harley Kuyck-Cohen,

Milan Tarascas  and Tomasz Kowalski.

Installation view 93 Baker Street.

Photo: Milan Tarascas © 2018

Basil Ganglia - full installation 2.jpg

Basil Ganglia 2018. 

Installation view Slade Degree Show 2018.


Basil Chair 2018. 

Installation view Slade Interim Show, Woburn Place.

fish pod.jpg

A Chair that Tastes Back 2018. 


Glazed ceramic, timber, plywood, acrylic paint, upholstery.

Burlesque digital Hero 2017. 


Plaster, timber, acrylic, oil and enamel paint, resin, motor, speakers, computer and drawing tablet.

A Tenuous Membrane 2017. 


ceramic, steel, monitor and speakers.

Shocked Fish and Simulation Clues 2016.

Installation view Slade.

Paintings that Show Themselves 2016.

Installation view UCL Art Museum.