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'Re-Enchanted Matter’

Curated by @hotdesque

Re-Enchanted Matter explores contemporary notions of metamorphosis. From the completed act, to being caught midway through the process, matter and ideas are morphed from one state into another: formlessness into representation; the inanimate into the animate; words into myth. Historically, tales of metamorphosis are born from moments of social transition and flux. In light of recent dramatic global transformation, the shifting ground beneath our feet opens up a moment to explore the always-present potential for transformation latent in everyone and everything.

3 - 13 Sept @aptgallery
Thurs - Sun 12-5pm
PV Thurs 3 Sept 6-8pm RSVP only
At your earliest convenience please DM @hotdesque or e-mail neenapercy@gmail.com to reserve a place at our PV, as numbers are strictly limited due to COVID safety measures.

Kindly supported by Arts Council England

This is a Not-Me

Dates circa 23 June - 23 Dec

Disseminated via @imtgallery’s instagram

In High School Musical 2 a group of high school friends get together to sing about the summer and of freedom and friendship. They announce to each other that “all the hard work […] is done!” This is 2007, the summer that the iPhone appears. The movie was released three months later, that September, when the summer they are singing about is over for everyone but them. But for them, the funeral is a banquet. They sing about “the time we get to share” and that this time of togetherness will last “forever”.  

We are outside of time. Outside of this eternal summer. We are a new kind of creature, built on Zoom. We are part bird, part human, part many other things: Kara Chin, Gentle Stranger, Felix Rose Kawitzky, Plastique Fantastique, John Powell-Jones, Frankie Roberts, Maggie Roberts and Thomson & Craighead. We sing through July into December. This is a Not-Me. There are many timelines and we don’t know yet when things are going to happen or what they are going to be. They will come out now and then over the next few months: performances, screenings, links to websites. Back in 2007, as the old friends sing, Facebook adjusts its status update to remove the word “is”.  Here in 2020 we start to declare our individual updates over the top of one another as each appears in the story, different worlds, different timelines existing side-by-side, singing to the tune of Sumer is icumen in: “Frustrate the content delivery system!” – “Dissolve the subject and cease to exist!” – “Fantasise memorials!” – “Become octopus!” – “Create characters; make enclaves; build worlds!” – “Haunt Google Maps!” – “Log unearthly transmissions!” – “Beam into devices!”

What do we do now? Come out, playmate! We need to get together. Instagram: @imtgallery

Sounding Off 2.0


VITRINE’s 10th Anniversary

VITRINE, Digital Launch: Saturday 8 August 2020 8 August - 8 November 2020 www.vitrinegallery.digital


VITRINE’s 10th Anniversary exhibition ‘Sounding Off 2.0’ launches our new programme at VITRINE, Digital. We have commissioned each artist to produce and stage new performative and digital work online, including: Nadim Abbas, Nicole Bachmann, Edwin Burdis, Kara Chin, Anaïs Comer, Tim Etchells, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Ludovica Gioscia, Katrin Hanusch, Candice Jacobs, Sophie Jung, Rene Matić, Campbell McConnell, Paula Nacif, Milly Peck, Sam Porritt, Ralph Pritchard,

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25 Jan - 6 Sept     Private View 24 Jan 6 - 8pm

At BALTIC 39 Chin presents Sentient Home Devices (virtual edition) (2019) and A Mass of Possessed Plumbing (2020). These are manifestations of fictional future household appliances gone rogue, a modern retelling of tsukumogami (in Japanese folklore these are tools that have acquired a spirit) where our smart household appliances transform into sentient home devices, sprouting limbs and morphing into bizarre hybrid contraptions. Complicated machines that hint at, once prescribed functionality, but given free will, reject their tasks and flounder about pointlessly. The spirit of the tsukumogami inhabits these works.