SCRAMBLE | PIneapple Black

14 Mar - 4 Apr 2020    Private View 13 Mar 6 - 9pm  



Scramble platforms 34 emerging artists; showcasing work created during their time on The Collective Studio 2019/2020 at The Newbridge Project in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Collective Studio provides practitioners with affordable studios & workspace for 9 months, access to peer-led training and development events. This includes mentoring and a series of professional creative opportunities to develop and challenge practice outside of an institutional framework and generate resilient and imaginative approaches to creative practice. The Collective Studio is open to all creative disciplines including visual artists, curators, filmmakers, photographers, performers, writers, architects, sound artists, designers and creative producers/organisers.

The Collective Studio is run by The NewBridge Project in partnership with Newcastle University & Newcastle University Institute for Creative Arts Practice.
The exhibition features work by...
Georgia Bates | Evan Beesley | Claire Breach | Kara Chin | Polina Chizhova | Eve Cromwell | Susannah Curran | Victoria Doyle | Pauline Easby | Alix Emery | Sorcha Gibson | Rebecca Grant | Dolores Hobby | Imo Jeffes | Samuel Kennedy & Lydia Bailey | Harley Kuyck-Cohen | Ciara Lenihan | Tom Lines | Sue Loughlin | Euan Lynn | Richard Magee | Jenny McNamara | Haaris Qureshi | Holly Rich | Genevive Slater | George Stewart | Meaghan Stewart | Will Stockwell | Betty and the Rat | Ellie Scorah | Erika Tyson Greene | James Wright | Matthew Young | Jawbone Jawbone

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25 Jan - 26 Apr 2020     Private View 24 Jan 6 - 8pm

















At BALTIC 39 Chin presents Sentient Home Devices (virtual edition) (2019) and A Mass of Possessed Plumbing (2020). These are manifestations of fictional future household appliances gone rogue, a modern retelling of tsukumogami (in Japanese folklore these are tools that have acquired a spirit) where our smart household appliances transform into sentient home devices, sprouting limbs and morphing into bizarre hybrid contraptions. Complicated machines that hint at, once prescribed functionality, but given free will, reject their tasks and flounder about pointlessly. The spirit of the tsukumogami inhabits these works.