13 Jan - 15 Mar 2020    Private View 15 Jan 6.30 - 8.30pm  



Kara Chin’s work reflects on contemporary confusions. Creating modern myths, the spirit of current conundrums and their potential outcomes is captured in her installations that fuse kinetics, robotics, ceramics and animation.

Depictions of kitchen equipment that have sprouted arms and legs, are both a nod to smart devices - connected to the Internet so as to be able to monitor and make certain decisions - and Tsukumogami, a tale in Japanese folklore where once inanimate household objects gain sentience after 100 years of service. Badly handled objects foster vengeful spirits, determined to wreak havoc on their careless owners, while properly maintained items harbour friendly, mild-mannered dispositions. 

Two newly produced works, Your Chair’s Letting Off Steam (2020) & A Couple of Haunted Backwash Units (2020) seem to suggest the very being of DKUK is coming to life. As if, once the hairstylists go home, the scissors, styling products and cutting chairs could run amok...

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25 Jan - 26 Apr 2020     Private View 24 Jan 6 - 8pm

















At BALTIC 39 Chin presents Sentient Home Devices (virtual edition) (2019) and A Mass of Possessed Plumbing (2020). These are manifestations of fictional future household appliances gone rogue, a modern retelling of tsukumogami (in Japanese folklore these are tools that have acquired a spirit) where our smart household appliances transform into sentient home devices, sprouting limbs and morphing into bizarre hybrid contraptions. Complicated machines that hint at, once prescribed functionality, but given free will, reject their tasks and flounder about pointlessly. The spirit of the tsukumogami inhabits these works.



14 Feb - 28 Feb 2020    Private View 14 Feb 6.30 - 9.30pm

THE POTION ROOM responds to the architectural properties of the gallery's latest space, up a winding staircase to the top of the tower, and showcases all manner of mythical sculptural works from emerging international, regional and London-based artists.

Independent curator Georgia Stephenson, together with the gallery has selected works from 26 artists, and then a further 20 from an Open Call.