Basil Ganglia







The  Propagator 

steel, plywood, timber, plaster, acrylic, enamel and gouache paint, marker pen, resin, perspex, glazed ceramics, fluorescent light, rock wool, basil seedlings.


Hydroponic basil-bots (2x single unit and 1 duo)

steel, rubber, perspex, brass, fluorescent lights, nutrient solution, basil plants.



Animation, Blinds and Frames

HD monitor, speakers, timber, screen printed arrows, polystyrene sheet, 3D printed cogs, glazed ceramic beads, polyresin, acrylic paint, roller blinds.


Interdimensional fish (x2)

glazed ceramics, timber, polystyrene sheet, acrylic and gouache paint, marker pen, digital prints, printed upholstery. 

Basil Ganglia - full installation